Immaclé is not a dress, it is the result of a love story woven into the swing of the sea. 

Love for details, for rich silks, tulles and lace, for the millenary heritage of haute couture and the vintage air of the great muses that inspire the artists. 

Timeless collections nourished by delicate fabrics. Tulles, pearls, transparencies and elegant shades with flowers embroidered in colour assume the leading role of the exclusive Immaclé designs. Fringes, ruffles, puffed sleeves and daring silhouettes bring movement and strength to a collection designed for authentic brides. Brides who value personalisation and exclusivity offered by Immaclé, accentuating their own personality and each bride’s innate nature to shine with their own light. 

Free, traveller, sensitive, elegant, romantic, spontaneous and daring. This is the reflection of the distinguished soul and personality of their brides. 

Brides with love, brides Immaclé.

A space
dedicated to
the emotions

Entering the Immaclé showroom is like stepping into another world, immersing yourself in a unique space where time stands still, the sea whispers its presence and everything seems magical and special.

An imagined universe that is the faithful reflection of the personality of the designer.

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