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Immaclé began in Canet de Mar, by the Mediterranean Sea. Over the years, Imma and her designs have gained strength and recognition without losing the warm and passionate essence of the designer. Therefore, there are more and more brides willing to say “Yes, I do” with a dress that represents them, an Immaclé dress.

The essence of the Immaclé dresses is known by its authenticity, excellence and the warmth of the entire team. The personal treatment is an essential pillar because, for us, a wedding dress is never just a piece of beautiful fabric sewn together. It represents months of planning, endless excitement and, most importantly, the bond created between the designer and the bride. That is why we dedicate a lot of attention and care to each part of the process, from the first phone call to the last hug.

The Immaclé bride is a woman with an untameable personality and a pure heart, who knows what she wants and will not allow any obstacle to get between her and her dress, let alone the distance. Many of our brides come from all corners of the Spanish territory, from the sunny Canary Islands to the snow-capped mountains of the Pyrenees, no matter how many hours they have to travel by car, train or plane. This doesn’t matter either to the brides who come from the beautiful European capitals, from intriguing countries like Israel and Turkey or from the exciting streets of California. Because they know that once they arrive, everything will be worth it.

Although we would love to receive each and every one of our beloved brides in our showrooms, we are aware that the world is a very big place. To reach our wonderful and captivating brides who live far from Barcelona and Madrid, in 2018 we packed our bags and travelled all over Spain and the Balearic Islands, Portugal, Belgium and Paris. But we are lucky to have future brides from Dubai, Australia, Mexico and many more magical destinations that we cannot reach, yet. That’s why we decided to open the doors to the virtual showroom, so that all the brides who cannot be physically with us can be here with their souls.

The virtual showroom recreates the Immaclé experience down to the last detail so as not to let distance be an inconvenience, and more and more brides are trusting us on their day from the distance. We feel very fortunate to be able to tell stories with a happy ending of brides who have contacted us from all over the world and even more fortunate to dress them on their day.

The Immaclé experience will be with you forever. After all, the most magical part of the dress are the memories created during the whole process of creating the dress and the fittings with Imma. When you look back you will remember the thrill of dressing up as a bride for the first time, the laughs with your friends, the hours of travel, the nerves of the first fittings, those hugs with Imma, the moment when we could not hold back the tears of happiness, and the bittersweet taste of picking up the dress and closing this wonderful part of your story. Closing temporarily, for our doors are always open to welcome you back to the Immaclé universe.




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